Bollywood class

Balraj Sahni  in Garam Hawa (Scorching Winds), 1974  Films about partition are usually angry in their tone. Garam Hawa is downbeat and elegiac. Sahni is the head of a Muslim family that is coming apart after the Partition of India. He fills his character with dignity, grief and is never maudlin. Sahni was a natural […]

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Tribute to Ranbir Raj Kapoor

Ranbir Raj Kapoor popularly known as Raj Kapoor was perhaps India’s greatest showman. As a director, producer and star, Raj Kapoor (1924-88) became one of India’s leading filmmakers during the so-called “golden age” of Indian cinema in the first two decades following the nation’s independence in 1947. Kapoor is in some ways a lynchpin, a […]

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Movies to see before you die

Movies to see before you die Bollywood has been home to some of the best movies that have come to celluloid. Some of the best movies that every movie buff should see before they die are: 1.      Kaagaz ke phool Kaagaz ke phool was the magnum opus of the legendary Guru Dutt who […]

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Raazi review

Raazi is a great attempt at espionage thrillers. Highly recommended for those who are fans of alia Bhatt. The movie is slow in the first half, which is totally fine because of its genre. The movie needs time to build up its plot and its subplots. The director needs to be applauded for her bold […]

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